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Simplified Guide to Travel Expenses in Turkey

Before You Go:

Visa: Depending on your nationality, you might need to get a visa before you go. Remember to budget for the visa fee.


Travel insurance is super important. It covers medical emergencies and cancellations. Look for a good deal that fits your needs.


Get the necessary vaccinations and medications before you leave. Check with your doctor for what you need.

Money Matters

Exchange your currency wisely to avoid extra fees. Look for banks or exchange services with low fees.


During Your Trip


There are all kinds of places to stay in Turkey, from fancy hotels to budget hostels. Pick what suits your budget.

Getting Around

In cities, use buses, trams, or metros for cheap transport. For longer trips, compare prices for buses, trains, or flights.


Turkish food is amazing! Budget for eating out at restaurants and trying street food.


Some attractions charge entry fees. Plan ahead and set aside money for this. Guided tours can also cost extra.


Turkey has a lot to offer, from hot air balloon rides to hiking. Budget for the activities you want to do.


You might want to buy souvenirs. Set a budget for shopping and remember to haggle for a better price in markets.


Make a Budget

Figure out how much you want to spend overall and divide it up for each part of your trip.

Save Money

Travel during off-peak seasons, look for budget accommodations, and eat at local places to save cash.


Is Turkey Expensive?

Turkey has options for all budgets. With planning, you can have a great trip without spending a lot.

Where to Stay?

Look for hostels, guesthouses, or budget hotels. Airbnb can also be affordable.

Is Street Food Safe?

Yes, if you pick clean stalls. Enjoy the local flavors but be cautious.

Saving on Transport: Use public transport, get passes for discounts, and share rides when possible.

Free Activities

There are few web sites provide free Istanbul like or

instead of paying for the guide you can use free tour and later on you can go inside places you would like to see because while free tour they jsut explain history from outside.


It's common in markets. Be friendly and respectful when negotiating prices.

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