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Where Are the Best Sandy Beaches in Turkey? | Top 10 Ultimate Guide

Looking for a perfect beach getaway? Look no further than Turkey! With its long coastline along the Mediterranean seas, Turkey boasts some of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the world, including Antalya, Icmeler, and Ölüdeniz. From golden sands to long sandy stretches, these beaches offer crystal-clear waters and stunning landscapes that will take your breath away.

If you're looking for a relaxing day soaking up the sun on Antalya's golden sands or an adventure-filled day exploring Ölüdeniz's underwater caves while surfing, Turkish beaches have something for everyone. Whether you want to swim, surf, or just enjoy the fine sand between your toes, there is no shortage of options.

So where are the best sandy beaches in Turkey? Keep reading to discover some of the top spots that should be on your list. From end-to-end along the coast of Turkey, there are hidden gems waiting to be explored. If you're looking for golden sands, head to Antalya or Ölüdeniz. And if you want a more secluded beach experience, make sure to check out Cirali. So pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable beach vacation!

Top 20 Best Sandy Beaches in Turkey

If you're looking for a beach vacation, Turkey is the perfect destination. With miles of coastline along the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, there are plenty of sandy beaches to choose from. Here are the top 20 best sandy beaches in Turkey that you won't want to miss, including Antalya and Ölüdeniz. Plus, why not consider a villa holiday near Dalaman airport?

1. Ölüdeniz Beach

Ölüdeniz Beach, located near Dalaman airport, is one of the most famous beaches in Turkey. Visitors can stay at nearby hotels or opt for a villa holiday to fully enjoy the crystal-clear waters and stunning mountain backdrop. For those looking to explore further, Antalya is also a popular destination in the region.

2. Patara Beach

Patara Beach, with its wide expanse of golden sand and clear turquoise waters, is often referred to as one of the best beaches in Europe. Visitors can also explore fascinating ancient ruins while staying at nearby hotels or villas. For those looking for a change of scenery, Ölüdeniz is just a short distance away and offers a variety of restaurants to choose from.

3. Iztuzu Beach

Iztuzu Beach is one of the best beaches in Turkey and a protected area due to its importance as a nesting site for loggerhead sea turtles. The long stretch of sand and shallow waters make it perfect for families with young children. If you're looking for a luxurious stay, Ölüdeniz offers stunning villas and hotels nearby.

4. Kaputas Beach

Kaputas Beach is one of the best beaches in the area, and it's certainly mighty. The cove is surrounded by steep cliffs, making it one of the highlights of the region. If you're looking for hotels nearby, there are plenty to choose from. And if you're looking for a more luxurious stay, consider renting a villa to fully enjoy the turquoise water and white sand.

5. Cleopatra Beach

Cleopatra Beach, one of the best beaches in Ölüdeniz town, gets its name from an ancient legend that says Cleopatra herself once swam here with her lover Mark Antony. Today, visitors can enjoy swimming in the crystal-clear water or exploring nearby Roman ruins during the summer season.

6. Lara Beach

Lara Beach, located in the town, is not only famous for its luxurious resorts and high-end restaurants but also known for its best beaches. These beautiful stretches of sand are perfect to visit during summer and are open to everyone. To get a glimpse of these stunning beaches, check out Shutterstock.

7. Olympos Bay

Olympos Bay offers a unique combination of history and natural beauty - visitors can explore ancient ruins and then cool off in the clear blue waters of the main beach. For those who want to venture further, ölüdeniz beach, Kleopatra beach, and cirali beach are also nearby for a variety of beach experiences.

8. Side Beach

Side Beach, located in a charming fishing village town in France, is the perfect spot for a summer getaway. The sandy beach, available on Shutterstock, is backed by restaurants and cafes serving up fresh seafood.

9. Çıralı Beach

Çıralı Beach, a popular summer destination, is another protected area due to its importance as a nesting site for sea turtles. Visitors can explore nearby hiking trails before cooling off in the clear water. If you're looking for a picturesque town to visit, be sure to check out the charming villages in France.

10. Alanya Beach

Alanya Beach, located along the Mediterranean coast, is one of the longest beaches in Turkey, perfect for a summer getaway. Shutterstock offers stunning images of this picturesque beach and its fascinating historical sites, including an ancient castle. Additionally, if you're planning a trip to France, make sure to add Alanya Beach to your itinerary for a truly unforgettable experience.

11. Ilica Beach

Ilica Beach is a perfect summer destination known for its warm thermal waters that are said to have healing properties. Visitors can relax on the sandy beach or soak in one of the many hot springs while capturing stunning photos for their Shutterstock portfolio.

12. Bodrum Peninsula

The Bodrum Peninsula is home to several beautiful beaches, including Gümüşlük Beach, Yalıkavak Beach, and Bitez Beach. Each has its unique features and attractions. You can find stunning photos of these beaches on Shutterstock.

Map of the Best Beaches in Turkey


Turkey is known for its stunning coastline and crystal-clear waters, making it a popular destination for beach lovers. With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide where to go. That's why we've created a map of the best sandy beaches in Turkey, featuring breathtaking views captured by Shutterstock, to help you plan your itinerary and choose your preferred destinations.

The Map

Our map, featuring Shutterstock images, shows the location of each beach on the Turkish coast, along with nearby attractions and activities. Whether you're looking for a secluded cove or a bustling resort town, our map has got you covered.

Ovabükü Beach

Located on the Datça Peninsula, Ovabükü Beach is one of Turkey's hidden gems. This secluded bay boasts soft white sand and clear turquoise waters, making it an ideal spot for swimming and snorkeling. The surrounding pine forests provide shade from the sun, while local restaurants offer fresh seafood and traditional Turkish cuisine. You can capture the beauty of this place by taking stunning photographs from Shutterstock.

Kelebekler Vadisi

Also known as Butterfly Valley, Kelebekler Vadisi is a picturesque beach located near Fethiye. Accessible only by boat or hiking trail, this secluded cove is home to hundreds of species of butterflies during the summer months. Visitors can relax on the sandy beach or explore the surrounding cliffs and waterfalls. Shutterstock images of this stunning location are available for those who want to capture its beauty.

Other Notable Beaches

While Ovabükü Beach and Kelebekler Vadisi are two of our top picks, there are plenty of other beautiful beaches worth checking out in Turkey. Additionally, you can find stunning photos of these beaches on Shutterstock.

  • Ölüdeniz: This popular resort town features a stunning lagoon with calm waters perfect for swimming. Other nearby beaches worth exploring include alaçatı beach, aydıncık beach, cirali beach, and icmeler beach.

  • Patara: With over 12 miles of uninterrupted sand dunes, Patara Beach is one of Turkey's longest stretches of sand.

  • Kaputaş: Located between Kaş and Kalkan, Kaputaş Beach is known for its crystal-clear waters and dramatic cliffside setting.

  • Iztuzu: This protected beach is a nesting ground for loggerhead turtles, making it a popular spot for wildlife enthusiasts.

Patara Beach: A Coastal Gem of Turkish Riviera

Turkey is renowned for its stunning beaches, and Patara Beach is undoubtedly one of the best. With its crystal-clear waters, soft golden sand, and ancient ruins nearby, it's no wonder that visitors flock to this coastal gem every year.

Patara - One of the Longest Sandy Beaches in Turkey

Patara Beach stretches for a staggering 12 miles along the Mediterranean Sea, making it one of the longest sandy beaches in Turkey. The beach is part of a protected area that includes a national park and turtle nesting sites. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll along the coast or relax on the warm sands while taking in breathtaking views of the sea.

Ancient Ruins Near Patara Beach

The ancient city of Patara sits just beyond the sand dunes from which the beach takes its name. Visitors can explore these fascinating ruins, including an amphitheater, basilica, and lighthouse. The ruins date back to Lycian times and are believed to have been founded by Patarus, son of Apollo.

Protected Turtle Nesting Sites

Patara Beach is home to several species of endangered sea turtles that nest on its shores between May and October each year. The beach has strict conservation measures in place to protect these magnificent creatures during their breeding season. Visitors are asked not to disturb any marked nesting areas or leave litter on the beach.

Activities at Patara Beach

There's plenty to do at Patara Beach besides sunbathing and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. Water sports enthusiasts can try their hand at surfing or windsurfing with equipment available for hire locally. For those who prefer dry land activities, there are plenty of walking trails through nearby hillsides offering stunning views over the coast.

Restaurants and Bars Along Coastal Road

The coastal road leading up to Patara offers numerous options for foodies looking to sample traditional Turkish cuisine. Visitors can enjoy a selection of seafood dishes at beachside restaurants or relax in one of the many bars along the coast.

Boat Trips Around Patara Beach

Boat trips are available from nearby resort towns such as Kalkan and Kas, providing visitors with the opportunity to explore the coastline further. A boat trip around Patara Beach is an excellent way to take in the stunning scenery and appreciate why this area is so highly regarded.

Kaputas and Phaselis Beaches on the Turquoise Coast

Kaputas Beach: A Secluded Cove with Turquoise Waters Surrounded by Cliffs

If you're looking for a secluded beach with crystal-clear waters, Kaputas Beach is the perfect destination. Located between Kas and Kalkan in southwestern Turkey, this hidden gem is nestled at the bottom of a steep gorge and surrounded by cliffs that offer breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Kaputas Beach can be accessed via a narrow staircase that descends from the main road down to the beach. The turquoise waters are perfect for swimming, but be aware that there are no facilities or lifeguards on duty here.

If you're feeling adventurous and looking for some beach life, take a boat trip from nearby Kas to explore the surrounding coastline, including Ölüdeniz Beach. You'll see sea turtles swimming in their natural habitat and have an opportunity to snorkel in some of Turkey's clearest waters.

Phaselis Beach: An Ancient City with Three Scenic Bays for Swimming and Snorkeling

Phaselis Beach is located within the ruins of an ancient city on Turkey's southern coast. This historic site offers visitors a unique opportunity to combine sunbathing and swimming with exploring ancient ruins.

The beach itself consists of three scenic bays, each with its own unique charm. The first bay has calm waters that are perfect for swimming, while the second bay is ideal for snorkeling thanks to its clear waters and abundance of marine life.

The third bay is known as "Turtle Beach" due to its popularity among loggerhead turtles who come ashore to lay their eggs during nesting season. Visitors should be respectful of these protected animals and avoid disturbing them during their stay.

In addition to its natural beauty, Phaselis also boasts a variety of amenities including cafes, restaurants, hotels, and even villas where visitors can stay overnight. However, if you are looking for another stunning beach to explore, Ölüdeniz Beach is just a short drive away.

antalya beach

Cleopatra Beach in Alanya: A Must-Visit Destination

If you're looking for the best sandy beaches in Turkey, look no further than Cleopatra Beach in Alanya. This stunning beach is a must-visit destination for anyone who loves sun, sand, and sea. Named after Queen Cleopatra who swam here during her visit to Anatolia, this beach has a rich history that adds to its allure.

The Legend of Cleopatra Beach

Legend has it that the sand at this beach was brought from Egypt as a gift for Queen Cleopatra by Mark Antony himself. It's said that the sand was transported by ship and deposited on the shores of Alanya so that the queen could feel at home when she visited. Whether or not this story is true, one thing is certain – the sand at Cleopatra Beach is unlike any other in Turkey.

Crystal Clear Waters

But it's not just the sand that makes this beach special – it's also the crystal-clear waters. The Aegean Sea is known for its beautiful blue hues, and Cleopatra Beach is no exception. Whether you want to swim or take part in water sports like jet skiing or parasailing, you'll find plenty of opportunities to enjoy the water here.

Alanya Castle

While you're in Alanya, be sure to check out some of the other attractions as well. One of the most popular is Alanya Castle, which sits atop a hill overlooking the city and offers breathtaking views of both land and sea. Built by the Seljuks in 1220 AD, this castle has been an important landmark throughout history. If you have time, don't miss the opportunity to visit ölüdeniz beach.

Alaçatı Beach

If you're looking for another great sandy beach to visit while you're in Turkey, consider heading to Alaçatı Beach on the Çeşme Peninsula. This charming beach town has become increasingly popular with tourists over the years, thanks to its picturesque harbor, beautiful beaches, and charming stone houses.

May: The Best Time to Visit

If you're planning a trip to Cleopatra Beach or any of Turkey's other sandy beaches, consider visiting in May. This is when the weather is warm but not too hot, and the crowds are still relatively small. Plus, you'll be able to take advantage of lower prices on flights and accommodations.

Blue Lagoon in Oludeniz: A Must Visit Destination

If you're looking for the best sandy beaches in Turkey, look no further than the Blue Lagoon in Oludeniz. This stunning lagoon is located within a national park and boasts crystal clear turquoise waters that are ideal for swimming.

Clear Waters and Stunning Views

One of the main draws of the Blue Lagoon is its blue waters, which are so clear that you can see all the way to the bottom. The lagoon is surrounded by hills and visitors can enjoy stunning views of Babadağ Mountain. It's no wonder that this spot is so popular with nature lovers!

Water Sports Galore

The Blue Lagoon offers plenty of opportunities to take part in water sports. Visitors can try their hand at paddleboarding, kayaking, or even parasailing. For those who prefer to stay on dry land, there are plenty of hiking trails to explore in the surrounding hills.

High Season Hype

The Blue Lagoon can get quite crowded during high season (June-August), but it's still worth a visit. If you're looking for a quieter experience, consider visiting during shoulder season (April-May or September-October).

How to Get There

The Blue Lagoon is located just a 10-minute drive from Oludeniz Beach. Visitors can park at one of several parking lots near the entrance to the national park and then take a short shuttle bus ride down to the lagoon.

Iztuzu Beach in Dalyan: Perfect for Swimming and Relaxing

If you're looking for a stunning sandy beach to relax and unwind, then Iztuzu Beach in Dalyan is the perfect destination. This natural reserve is home to loggerhead turtles, making it a unique and protected area that offers crystal clear waters and soft golden sand.

A Natural Reserve with Loggerhead Turtles

Iztuzu beach is located in the town of Dalyan, on the southwest coast of Turkey. It's a natural reserve that's been protected since 1988 due to its importance as a nesting ground for loggerhead turtles. These magnificent creatures are some of the largest sea turtles in the world, and they come to lay their eggs on this beautiful beach every year.

Crystal Clear Waters and Soft Golden Sand

The beach itself is simply breathtaking. The water is crystal clear and calm, making it perfect for swimming or simply relaxing on one of the many sun loungers available. The sand is soft and golden, providing a comfortable place to sunbathe or build sandcastles with your family.

Boat Tours and River Delta Exploration

One of the best things about Iztuzu Beach is that visitors can take a boat tour to explore the nearby river delta. This area is teeming with wildlife, including birds, fish, crabs, and even more turtles! You'll be able to see all sorts of interesting creatures while enjoying the calm waters of this beautiful region.

Other Sandy Beaches in Turkey Worth Visiting

While Iztuzu Beach may be one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Turkey, there are plenty of other options worth exploring as well:

  • Ölüdeniz Beach: Located near Dalaman airport, this stunning beach boasts turquoise waters that are perfect for swimming or scuba diving.

  • İçmeler Beach: A popular destination for families due to its calm waters and kid-friendly amenities, İçmeler Beach is a great place to relax and unwind.

  • Aydıncık Beach: This hidden gem is located in a small fishing village on the south coast of Turkey. It's a quiet and peaceful place to enjoy the sun and surf.

  • Patara Beach: With over 18 kilometers of soft golden sand, Patara Beach is one of the longest beaches in Turkey. It's also home to ancient ruins that are worth exploring.

Konyaalti Beach, Antalya City: Best Beach for City Access

If you're looking for the perfect beach destination in Turkey, look no further than Konyaalti Beach in Antalya. With its stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and close proximity to the city center, this is one of the best sandy beaches in Turkey.

Location and Accessibility

Located just west of Antalya's city center, Konyaalti Beach is easily accessible by car or public transportation. The beach is approximately 7 kilometers long and offers a variety of amenities such as restaurants, cafes, and shops. Visitors can enjoy swimming or take a stroll along the promenade while enjoying the beautiful scenery.


Konyaalti Beach has plenty of amenities to make your visit comfortable and enjoyable. There are numerous restaurants serving fresh seafood and Turkish cuisine, as well as cafes where you can grab a coffee or snack. If you need to pick up some souvenirs or essentials, there are also shops selling everything from clothing to sunscreen.

For those who want to stay active during their visit, there are several sports facilities available on the beach. These include volleyball courts, soccer fields, and basketball courts. You can also rent paddle boats or jet skis if you want to explore the sea.


Whether you're looking for relaxation or adventure, Konyaalti Beach has something for everyone. Here are some activities that you can enjoy during your visit:

  • Swimming: The crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea make swimming at Konyaalti Beach an unforgettable experience.

  • Sunbathing: Relax on one of the sun loungers while soaking up some rays.

  • Walking: Take a leisurely stroll along the promenade while enjoying breathtaking views of the sea.

  • Water sports: Rent a paddle boat or jet ski for an exhilarating ride on the water.

  • Paragliding: For the ultimate adrenaline rush, try paragliding and see Konyaalti Beach from a bird's eye view.

Butterfly Valley Beach in Oludeniz: A Unique Experience

Turkey is blessed with beautiful sandy beaches, but none can compare to the natural beauty of Butterfly Valley Beach in Oludeniz. The secluded beach is a perfect place for nature lovers and backpackers looking for a unique experience.

Butterfly Valley: A Nature Lover's Paradise

Butterfly valley gets its name from the numerous species of butterflies found here. The valley is surrounded by steep cliffs covered with lush greenery, making it a paradise for nature lovers. The view from the beach is breathtaking, especially during sunset when the sky turns into shades of orange and red.

Accessing Butterfly Valley Beach

The secluded beach can only be accessed by boat or hiking. Visitors who prefer hiking can take a 45-minute trek through a narrow path that leads to the valley. The hike may be challenging, but it's worth it once you reach your destination. If hiking isn't your thing, you can take a boat ride from Oludeniz or Kabak Bay to get to the beach.

Accommodation Options

One of the best things about visiting Butterfly Valley Beach is that there are accommodation options available for those who want to stay longer than just a day trip. There are several campsites near the beach where visitors can pitch their tents and enjoy their stay in nature. For those who prefer more comfortable accommodation options, there are also villas available for rent near the valley.

Things to Do at Butterfly Valley Beach

Aside from swimming and sunbathing on the pristine sandy beach, there are other things visitors can do while at Butterfly Valley Beach. Here are some examples:

  • Hiking: As mentioned earlier, visitors can take a 45-minute hike to get to the valley.

  • Exploring: There are several trails around Butterfly Valley that visitors can explore to discover more of the valley's natural beauty.

  • Butterfly Watching: With over 100 species of butterflies found in the valley, visitors can spend their time observing these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat.

  • Rock Climbing: The steep cliffs surrounding Butterfly Valley are perfect for rock climbing enthusiasts.

Pamucak Beach in Kusadasi: A Hidden Gem on the Aegean Coast

Turkey is a country that boasts of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. From secluded coves to long stretches of sandy coastline, there's something for everyone. But if you're looking for a beach that's off the beaten path, then Pamucak Beach in Kusadasi is worth checking out.

Pamucak Beach: A Long Stretch of Sandy Shoreline

Pamucak beach is located on the Aegean coast and stretches over 20 km, making it one of the longest beaches in Turkey. The long sandy beach offers plenty of space for visitors to relax and unwind while enjoying the stunning views of the Aegean Sea.

The beach is also surrounded by natural beauty, with the Babadag Mountains providing a stunning backdrop. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll along the shoreline or simply lounge on one of the many sunbeds available.

Explore Nearby Historical Sites such as Ephesus

One of the unique features about Pamucak beach is its close proximity to historical sites such as Ephesus. This ancient city was once an important center for trade and religion and has been well-preserved over time.

Visitors can take a guided tour to explore this fascinating site or simply wander around at their own pace. From ancient temples to grand amphitheaters, there's plenty to see and discover here.


Kabak Beach: A Secluded Alternative

For those looking for a more secluded option, Kabak Beach may be just what you're after. Located on Turkey's southwestern coast, this hidden gem offers crystal clear waters and stunning views of rugged cliffs and lush forests.

While Kabak Beach can be harder to get to than other beaches in Turkey, it's well worth it for those seeking peace and solitude. Visitors can camp out under starry skies or stay in one of the many rustic bungalows available.

Discover the Most Beautiful and Top-Rated Sandy Beaches in Turkey

Turkey is home to some of the most breathtaking sandy beaches in the world. From the turquoise waters of Kaputas Beach to the unique experience of Butterfly Valley Beach, there is something for everyone. Here are just a few of the top-rated sandy beaches in Turkey that you don't want to miss.

  1. Top 20 Best Sandy Beaches in Turkey: With so many stunning beaches to choose from, it can be hard to decide where to go first. Check out this list of the top 20 best sandy beaches in Turkey for some inspiration.

  2. Map of the Best Beaches in Turkey: Planning your beach-hopping adventure? This map will guide you through all the best beaches in Turkey and help you plan your route.

  3. Patara Beach: A Coastal Gem of Turkish Riviera: Patara Beach boasts miles of golden sand and crystal-clear waters, making it a must-see destination on any trip to Turkey.

  4. Kaputas and Phaselis Beaches on the Turquoise Coast: These two beaches offer some of the most picturesque views on the Turquoise Coast, with dramatic cliffs rising up from crystal-clear waters.

  5. Cleopatra Beach in Alanya: A Must-Visit Destination: Legend has it that Cleopatra herself once swam at this beautiful beach, which features soft white sand and stunning views.

  6. Blue Lagoon in Oludeniz: A Must Visit Destination: The Blue Lagoon is one of Turkey's most iconic destinations, known for its calm turquoise waters and stunning natural scenery.

  7. Iztuzu Beach in Dalyan: Perfect for Swimming and Relaxing: Iztuzu beach offers a peaceful retreat away from bustling tourist crowds, with calm waters perfect for swimming or simply relaxing on shore.

  8. Konyaalti Beach, Antalya City: Best Beach for City Access: Located just a short distance from Antalya city center, Konyaalti Beach offers the perfect blend of urban convenience and natural beauty.

  9. Butterfly Valley Beach in Oludeniz: A Unique Experience: This secluded beach can only be reached by boat or hiking trail, making it a truly unique experience for adventurous travelers.

  10. Pamucak Beach in Kusadasi: A Hidden Gem on the Aegean Coast: Pamucak Beach is often overlooked by tourists, but its soft white sand and clear blue waters make it one of the most beautiful beaches on the Aegean Coast.


Q: Are these beaches crowded with tourists?

A: It depends on the time of year you visit. During peak tourist season (June-August), many of these beaches can get quite crowded. However, if you visit during the off-season (September-May), you may be able to enjoy these stunning beaches with fewer crowds.

Q: What are some water activities that I can do at these beaches?

A: Many of these beaches offer a variety of water sports and activities, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, and jet skiing. Some also offer boat tours or excursions to nearby islands or attractions.

Q: Are there any all-inclusive resorts near these beaches?

A: Yes! There are many all-inclusive resorts located near some of Turkey's most beautiful sandy beaches. These resorts typically offer a range of amenities and activities for guests to enjoy during their stay.

Q: Can I bring my own food and drinks to these beaches?

A: In most cases, yes! While some beachside cafes or restaurants may not allow outside food or drinks, many Turkish sandy beaches allow visitors to bring their own snacks and beverages. Just be sure to clean up after yourself!

Q: Are these beaches safe for families with children?

A: Yes! Many of these sandy beaches are perfect for families with children, offering calm waters and soft sand ideal for building sandcastles or playing games.

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