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What To See in Safranbolu Turkey: 22 Epic Things To Do

Looking for a unique travel experience that combines history, culture, and natural beauty? Look no further than


Turkey, also known as the "Saffron City". This charming town in the center of Anatolia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its well-preserved Ottoman-era architecture and traditional Turkish culture. It is located near the city of Karabuk and just a few hours away from Istanbul. While in Safranbolu, don't miss the opportunity to explore the nearby Bulak Caves for an unforgettable underground adventure.

During your three-day trip to Safranbolu, you can explore the narrow streets lined with historic Turkish mansions and caravanserai, visit museums dedicated to local crafts and traditions, and admire the beautiful mosques. Don't forget to try the saffron-flavored delights that give the town its name! If you have time, consider taking a day trip to Istanbul to experience the bustling city life.

But there's more to Safranbolu, also known as the Saffron City and historic town of Turkey, than just history and food. The town is famous for its well-preserved Turkish mansions that offer a glimpse into the region's rich cultural heritage. Additionally, Safranbolu is located in the province of Karabuk, surrounded by stunning views of rolling hills dotted with orchards and fields. Take a hike or rent a bike to explore the area's natural beauty.

Whether you're interested in history, culture, or outdoor activities, Safranbolu's historic town has something for everyone. Explore the turkish mansions, discover the hidden wonders of Bulak caves, and indulge in delicious turkish delights. So why not plan your next trip today?

Explore the Old Town District of Çarşı

Experience the Charm of Safranbolu's Historic Center

Safranbolu, known for its saffron production, is a city in Turkey that has preserved its traditional architecture and cultural heritage. The Old Town District of Çarşı is the heart of Safranbolu, where you can experience the charm of this historic town. Explore the stunning Bulak Caves or visit the magnificent Camlica Konagi, one of the many mansions that reflect the town's rich history. Here are some things to do in Çarşı:

  • Wander around Çarşı's historic center, located in Safranbolu, Turkey, and explore the narrow streets lined with old houses and shops. You'll feel like you've stepped back in time as you take a Safranbolu trip and immerse yourself in the rich history of the area. Don't forget to visit the history museum to learn even more about the fascinating past of this picturesque district.

  • Visit Tarihi Cinci Hanı in Safranbolu's old town district, Turkey for panoramic views of the city's red-tiled roofs and saffron fields. This historic building, once a caravanserai, now serves as a hotel and restaurant with stunning views of the city's towers from its rooftop terrace.

  • Shop for souvenirs, handicrafts, and traditional sweets at the local bazaar in the historic center of Safranbolu, Turkey's charming old town district. The bazaar is located in the heart of Çarşı and offers a wide variety of goods ranging from ceramics to textiles to spices, making it a must-visit destination on your Safranbolu trip.

  • Visit Cinci Hamam in Turkey to experience a traditional Turkish bath. This historic place dates back to the 17th century and is still operational today. Treat yourself to a relaxing spa day and soak up some saffron-infused steam while you're at it. If you're planning a Safranbolu trip, don't miss the chance to visit this iconic hamam.

  • Explore Safranbolu's historic center and visit the town's history museum to learn more about its past. The museum is located in an old mansion that belonged to one of Safranbolu's wealthiest families during the Ottoman period and showcases the importance of saffron, a valuable spice that has been cultivated in this place for centuries. Discover the rich cultural heritage of Turkey and immerse yourself in the fascinating history of this unique place.

  • Admire the miniature clock towers that dot Çarşı's skyline in Turkey. This place is known for its towers, which were built by wealthy merchants during the 18th century as a way to show off their wealth. Some of these towers are even adorned with saffron, adding a touch of luxury to the already impressive structures.

  • Sample some Turkish sweets infused with saffron at one of Çarşı's many sweet shops. Turkish delight, baklava, and other treats are available in abundance in this historic district.

Visit the Köprülü Mehmet Paşa Mosque and İzzet Paşa Cami

Admire the intricate tile work, calligraphy, and wood carvings in Köprülü Mehmet Paşa Mosque.

Köprülü Mehmet Paşa Mosque is a stunning example of Ottoman architecture located in Turkey. The mosque was built in 1661 by Grand Vizier Köprülü Mehmet Paşa during the reign of Sultan Mehmed IV, and features intricate tile work, calligraphy, and wood carvings that are sure to impress visitors. While exploring this magnificent mosque, don't forget to admire the beautiful saffron hues that can be found throughout the building.

The interior of the mosque in Turkey is decorated with blue tiles and calligraphy that cover the walls from floor to ceiling. The mihrab (the niche in the wall indicating the direction of Mecca) is adorned with beautiful geometric patterns and Arabic inscriptions. Visitors can also admire the intricately carved wooden pulpit (minbar) used for sermons.

Learn about Ottoman history at İzzet Paşa Cami's museum section.

Located in Turkey near Kaymakamlar Evi (Governor's House), İzzet Paşa Cami was built in 1864 by İzzet Mehmet Pasha, a governor of Safranbolu during the Ottoman period. The mosque has a small museum section where visitors can learn about Ottoman history through artifacts such as old coins, weapons, and documents.

The museum section displays various items related to Islamic culture such as prayer rugs, Quranic manuscripts, and traditional clothing worn by women during different periods in Ottoman history. Visitors can also see examples of Turkish ceramics, glassware, metalwork, and textiles.

Attend Friday prayers or witness Islamic rituals in these historic mosques.

Both Köprülü Mehmet Paşa Mosque and İzzet Paşa Cami are still active places of worship where Muslims come to pray five times a day.


Step into the Majestic Köprülü Mehmet Paşa Mosque and Hike through the Bulak Caves

Explore the Intricate Details of Köprülü Mehmet Paşa Mosque

One of the top things to see in Safranbolu, Turkey is the stunning Köprülü Mehmet Paşa Mosque. This magnificent mosque was built in 1661 during the Ottoman Empire and boasts intricate interior decoration details that are a must-see for anyone interested in Islamic art and architecture.

Take a guided tour of the mosque to learn about its history and significance. You'll be amazed by the intricate tile work, calligraphy, and wood carvings that adorn this beautiful structure. Don't forget to look up at the impressive dome with its delicate geometric patterns.

Trek through Bulak Cave's Natural Formations

Another must-see attraction in Safranbolu is Bulak Cave. Located just outside of town, this cave system features natural formations such as stalactites, stalagmites, and underground streams. Take a hike through this unique ecosystem to learn about cave ecology, geology, and conservation efforts.

The trek through Bulak Cave takes about an hour and requires some physical fitness due to its rocky terrain. However, it's well worth it for the breathtaking views of this natural wonder. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and bring a flashlight or headlamp for better visibility.

Discover More Things to See in Safranbolu

Safranbolu is full of other attractions that showcase its rich history and culture. Some notable places include:

  • Turkish Mansions: Safranbolu is known for its well-preserved Ottoman mansions that date back to the 18th century.

  • Turkish Baths: Experience traditional Turkish baths at Gulevi or Karabuk.

  • Tokatli Canyon: Take a scenic drive or hike through this stunning canyon just outside of Safranbolu.

Check out stunning views from the Hidirlik Hill.

Climb up Hidirlik Hill for panoramic vistas of Safranbolu's skyline.

Safranbolu is famous for its unique Ottoman-era architecture, and one of the best ways to appreciate it is by climbing up Hidirlik Hill. This hill provides a panoramic view of the city's skyline, which is dotted with red-tiled roofs and minarets. The climb may be steep, but it’s worth it once you reach the top.

Capture photos of sunset or sunrise over Kızılırmak River valley from this viewpoint

The view from Hidirlik Hill is particularly breathtaking during sunrise or sunset. The sun casts a golden glow over the city and reflects off the Kızılırmak River valley. This makes for some incredible photo opportunities that you won't want to miss.

Spot wildlife such as eagles or foxes in surrounding forests.

If you're lucky, you might even spot some local wildlife during your climb up Hidirlik Hill. Eagles are known to soar above the hilltops, while foxes can sometimes be seen darting through the surrounding forests. Keep your eyes peeled!

When planning your visit to Safranbolu, make sure to add Hidirlik Hill to your itinerary. It’s an experience that shouldn’t be missed!

See the Incekaya Aqueduct and add Kastamonu onto your Safranbolu trip.

Marvel at the engineering feat of Incekaya Aqueduct's arches and water channels.

The Incekaya Aqueduct is a must-see attraction when visiting Safranbolu, also known as the "Saffron City" for its production of saffron. The aqueduct was built in the 17th century during the Ottoman era to supply water to the city's public fountains, hamams (Turkish baths), and houses. The aqueduct spans over 430 meters with 12 arches that are up to 25 meters high. It's a remarkable engineering feat that has stood the test of time. Visitors can walk along the aqueduct and marvel at its impressive construction while enjoying beautiful views of the surrounding landscape.

Learn about Ottoman-era water management systems and irrigation techniques.

In addition to admiring its beauty, visitors can learn about Ottoman-era water management systems and irrigation techniques by visiting the nearby Water Museum, which is located inside one of Safranbolu's historic mansions. The museum displays traditional tools used for water transportation, distribution, and irrigation. It also highlights how water played an essential role in everyday life during this period.

Take a day trip to nearby Kastamonu for more historical landmarks, museums, and natural attractions.

For those who want to explore beyond Safranbolu's old town, taking a day trip to nearby Kastamonu is highly recommended. Kastamonu is another historic city that boasts several landmarks from different periods throughout history. Some of these include:

  • Kastamonu Castle: A medieval castle built on top of a hill overlooking the city.

  • Ethnography Museum: A museum showcasing local traditions, customs, clothing styles, and handicrafts.

Best Places to Stay in Safranbolu, Turkey for Sightseeing

Experience Authentic Ottoman-Style Hospitality at Bedirbey Konak Hotel's Restored Mansion

If you're looking for a unique and authentic experience during your visit to Safranbolu, Bedirbey Konak Hotel is the perfect choice. This boutique hotel is located in a beautifully restored Ottoman mansion that dates back to the 18th century. The rooms are decorated with traditional Turkish textiles and furniture, and each one has its own unique character.

In addition to the charming accommodations, Bedirbey Konak Hotel also offers an excellent breakfast spread featuring local specialties such as homemade jams and pastries. Guests can also enjoy stunning views of Safranbolu from the hotel's terrace or garden.

Relax in Modern Amenities Such as Spa, Sauna, or Turkish Bath at Müfide Exclusive Hotel

For those looking for more modern amenities during their stay in Safranbolu, Müfide Exclusive Hotel is an excellent option. This luxury boutique hotel features a spa with a sauna and traditional Turkish bath where guests can relax after a long day of sightseeing.

The rooms at Müfide Exclusive Hotel are spacious and elegantly decorated with contemporary furnishings. Guests can also enjoy panoramic views of Safranbolu from the hotel's terrace or garden.

Enjoy Panoramic Views of Safranbolu from Both Hotels' Terraces or Gardens

Both Bedirbey Konak Hotel and Müfide Exclusive Hotel offer stunning views of the historic city of Safranbolu. Whether you prefer a traditional Ottoman-style mansion or modern luxury amenities, both hotels provide an ideal base for exploring this UNESCO World Heritage site.

If you're interested in history and architecture, be sure to visit Aosiman Residence during your stay in Safranbolu.

Conclusion: See the Incekaya Aqueduct and More in Safranbolu, Turkey

Safranbolu is a hidden gem in Turkey that offers a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. If you're wondering what to see in Safranbolu, don't miss the Incekaya Aqueduct. This stunning engineering marvel is a must-visit attraction that will take your breath away.

But that's not all there is to see in Safranbolu. Take a stroll through the historic market place of Çarşı and snap some photos of old town rooftops from the Cinci Hanı. Visit the Köprülü Mehmet Paşa Mosque and İzzet Paşa Cami for a glimpse into Turkish Islamic architecture. Hike through the Bulak Caves or enjoy stunning views from Hidirlik Hill.

For accommodations, consider staying at Bedirbey Konak Hotel or Müfide Exclusive Hotel for easy access to these sights.

Don't miss out on this unique destination – plan your trip to Safranbolu today!


1. What's the best time to visit Safranbolu?

The best time to visit Safranbolu is during spring (April-May) or autumn (September-November). The weather is mild, and crowds are smaller than during peak summer months.

2. Is it safe to travel to Safranbolu?

Yes, Safranbolu is generally considered safe for travelers. However, as with any destination, it's important to exercise caution and be aware of your surroundings.

3. How do I get around Safranbolu?

Safranbolu is a small town that can easily be explored on foot. Taxis are also available for longer distances.

4. What should I pack for my trip to Safranbolu?

Pack comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, a hat, and layers as temperatures can vary throughout the day. Don't forget your camera to capture the stunning sights!

5. Are there any cultural customs I should be aware of in Safranbolu?

Safranbolu is a conservative town, so it's important to dress modestly and respect local customs. Women should cover their shoulders and wear long skirts or pants when visiting mosques. Alcohol is not widely available or consumed in public places.

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