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Best Places to Visit in Istanbul

Updated: May 24

This article has been prepared for tourists who want to discover Istanbul on their own for the first time. You can also check our other blog posts for a general tour of Turkey. If you have enough time, I would definitely recommend a trip to Cappadocia. There are many places outside Istanbul that you should visit in Turkey. loss so we offer them in packages at an affordable price, if you are interested, please contact us on our page.

1-Balat If you are visiting Istanbul, I highly recommend that you visit Balat, one of the few neighborhoods that captures Turkish culture in all its rawness.

Tourists have just begun to pay attention to Balat, a neighborhood that residents frequent more


2-Galata Tower

Remember to read the description to discover the Galata Tower's brief history.

According to estimations, the Romans initially constructed the Galata Tower around 507; nevertheless, the Genoese really constructed it in 1348. It stands roughly 10 meters taller than 70 meters. It is expected to weigh 10,000 tons.

The Genoese decorated the tower, which is said to have been constructed by Anastasius I, with a huge Catholic cross. Fatih Sultan Mehmet Han demolished the tower's cross, also known as its Galata Tower will appear in the Ottoman era with a change following the invasion of Istanbul. He witnessed the 1509 earthquake in Istanbul, which the locals dubbed the "Little Apocalypse," as earthquakes. One of the leading architects of the time, Hayrettin, restored it. During Suleiman the Magnificent's reign, it was turned into a jail. Among those who persisted were the officers at the Kasmpaşa shipyard. Takyüddin Efendi built an observatory here at the end of the 1500s. Sultan III. Murat, however, goes on to declare that "there is nothing to do with the stars" since "people devote

galata tower

3-Topkapi Palace

The Ottoman sultans lived in Istanbul Sarayburnu, and the palace known as Topkap Palace (Ottoman Turkish:) served as the imperial capital's administrative hub for 600 and 400 years. The symbol for "near people live" is 4,000.

Mehmed the Conqueror ordered Topkap Palace and Abdülmecid Dolmabahçe Palace to open the administrative hub and official homes of 380 Ottoman sultans to trade in 1478. Approximately 700,000 m2 of base year is plenty for an 80,000

4-Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia has a long history that begins in the Byzantine era.

Previously used as a church, it is now a mosque that is available for worship.

Hagia Sophia's past The Hagia Sophia monument has been built three times in the same place. The modern Hagia Sophia is referred to as the "Third Hagia Sophia." The first Christian era of Hagia Sophia, the first one erected in Istanbul under Constantine I's rule, began when Constantine I recognized Christianity as the official religion of the Roman Empire. This building will never grow because it was built in 404 and is currently in a horrible state of decay.

topkapi palace


One of the most well-known locations in Istanbul is Taksim Square, which is situated in the Beyolu neighborhood. With its restaurants, stores, hotels, entertainment venues, and cultural establishments, it is one of Istanbul's major tourist attractions. During the Republican Period, Taksim Square, which was first a square, also played host to a number of political and social events. The Taksim Pedestrianization Project, which helps the plaza become more pedestrian-friendly, was largely finished in 2013.

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality launched a worldwide design competition in February 2020, and it was determined to remodel Taksim Square in accordance with the idea that would receive the most support from the city's residents.



A vibrant harborside community, Karakoy is home to a variety of family-run shops, local bakeries, and quirky cafés. Young fashion designers' studios and shops are housed in Ottoman structures that have been decorated with street art. Istanbul Modern, which was formerly a dry freight warehouse, exhibits modern artwork by both Turkish and foreign artists. The Klç Ali Pasha complex, built in the sixteenth century.



Istanbul's Kadköy, which is on the Anatolian side, is well known for its bustling fish and food market, where products including lahmacun, olives, and mussels are sold. The vibrant street art buildings along the meandering alleyways are home to independent shops, hip cafés, and Anatolian eateries. View of the Marmara Sea and Sultanahmet from the Moda district's shoreline.



Boats from the ferry piers near the city's bazaars drop off passengers at Eminönü at the harbor pier. There is a devil's counter for fruit, tea, and spices at the Spice Bazaar, and the Grand Bazaar is directly next to it and is filled with vibrant carpets, textiles, lamps, and jewelry. The Rustem Pasha Mosque, constructed in the 16th century, is renowned for its Iznik tiles, while the


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